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Atom Edgers


Atom Edgers Cuts clean crisp lawn edges - FAST

Atom's innovative patented Lawn Edger System is the world's only Gold Medal winning lawn edger. It's unique breakthrough design was awarded the Gold Medal at the prestigious International Inventions and New Technology Convention in Switzerland. The Atom Domestic Edger was also voted Product of the Year by Power Equipment Australasia Magazine.


The upgraded new model Atom 2-stroke Deluxe Semi-Pro is a premium model lawn edger, and is a light-in-weight heavy duty Atom home owner lawn edger that cuts neat clean edges anywhere, quickly and easily. The highly manoeuvrable wheelbarrow action means you can edge along curbs and gutters, around tight corners, garden plots, and by simply tilting the edger sideways you can edge up against walls and fences

The Atom Deluxe 2-stroke Domestic/Semi-Pro Lawn Edger has a Turbo Assist 26cc 2-stroke e-Start engine. This e-Start engine eliminates the need for a strong pull of the starter cord. The long 271mm (10 2/3") hardened spring steel 4-blade cutting system lasts a long time. Also, Atom's blades length are longer than industry standard thus adding even further longer life to the 4-blade cutting system. Atom's highly manoeuvrable wheelbarrow action enables the operator to edge as fast as he/she can walk and requires no carrying or bending.

This Atom 450 edger has comfortable exclusive Air-Cushion Handle grips with a very manouevrable large 150mm (6") diameter rubber tyred wheel with premium sealed ball bearings.

A recent additional International Gold Medal winning feature is the Atom 26FC Self Cleaning Turbo Air Filter System which optimises air/fuel mixture for engine combustion with benifits of using less fuel, generating fewer exhuast emissions, and extending engine life (Patents Pending).

Atom Lawn Edgers also have numerous safety features including a safety throttle trigger interlock system, fully enclosed transmission, enclosed blade guard, and automatic safety clutch.